Thursday, May 28, 2015

Nurture the young minds.

Nurturing our young minds to have the greater benefit of the nation. While if we work hard to nurture the minds of young minds, the nation in the future will ease her economic crises and human power to put our country for the competition in the areas of economy, stability and security. Of all, if our young minds are motivated to utilized their tendering minds filling with the positive energy, the dissemination of  Happiness is on the Making, small nation like Bhutan  in all times.
Today, the scaffold minds from the exposure of modern intervention will topple just with a little carelessness and demeaning their capabilities. It is quintessential for the senior citizens and educators and the policy makers to work hard as to bring the changes.

Will continue...

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hard to imagine the lives lost in Nepal Tremor at this speed.

  We would like to salute the countries like India and Bhutan are lending their help to their brother country Nepal in the times of great grief and eventualities of catastrophe.  As a neighbor with similar culture and belief, it is heartening to see our brothers and sisters are losing their lives in such a speed.

It is a way of Bhutanese life that lends help and prays for the lost lives. His Majesty's gesture of praying and sending the Bhutan Government's relief fund is a great leadership and  compassionate leader, he is. On behalf of Bhutan government, the honorable Prime Minister visiting the grief counter part at this juncture shows how deeply, the two nation's connection and historical love that has preserved. We love our leaders for having shown their great efforts during the pain.

As a individual of loving to share the pain, i on behalf of Bhutanese will pen down every day, our wishes of love and condolences to all our friends and particularly those families who are devastated with this havoc.

We wish you all the happy life from here....

Poem dedicating to all the Victims of Nepal Tremor

           A Life like a dream
The flower of love blossomed in the dawn of late winter
The eye catching petals in you attracted the forlorn bee
I found no gravity for flowerward,but a sugary fragrance;
I became prey on your delicate petal for the sweet nectar

My miniature body was stuck on the sticky nectar:
Take me with you if you are offered on the altar
To pray and be blessed for our unity
Unity of souls for eternity

We, of different births, from garden and hive
Met together, as God has willed,
You may be away for the change of season
Yet I stand sure that you are perennially alive.

Hope your petals are guarded by sepals from a sturdy breeze,
Your soft anther uninterrupted by the brawny brute,
O, Grace, stand firm evergreen amid the relentless drought.
I am right here in the premises of your garden.
Your absence from the garden fills my hive with sorrow
I have no quiet and will not be out of the hive until tomorrow,
Yearning for unity after a long time,
That I would relate and emphasize this as a theme

I have sustained incurable pain with an injured antenna
No remedies whatsoever to fight against the numbed body
Only the air around shares my pain and joins in my loneliness
Expose please yourself in the air to feel my pain

I was not in hallucination when I nestled on you
My vision was blissfully perfect, as I saw you
All these became dreams, nightmare and illusions too
When your presence is not felt anywhere
Your entity was just an ephemeral…

National Reading year
Reading is very important in our life in which we will gain lots of knowledge. This year, 2015 is declared as National Reading Year. Reading is fun, interesting and save our boredom. So, inculcate the habit of reading and try to be a good reader.
Reading will always help in our day to daily life. One would become a good reader in future if they start reading just now. We are very lucky to have reading year. So, that we can become a good reader in future. We have to read a lot. As we all know that, this year is National Reading Year we can read as much as we can to celebrate the Reading Year as we are dedicating this program to our great Leader, the 4th King.
Reading is fun, interesting and it kill our human behavior of tiredness and boredom. We can become a scientist, engineer, teacher and many other by reading the books. So, I would like to say read to success.
In our school, we have many reading activities to celebrate the year and dedicate to His Majesty’s 60th Birth Anniversary of Druk Gyalpo Jigme Singye Wangchuk. Each word I read will be the prayers for His Long Life and inculcating the reading habit in the lives of our children.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sincere prayers to the victims of Nepal Tremor

The people of Bhutan and particularly, the family of Tshenkharla Central School, Trashi Yangtse would like to send the deep condolences and prayers for the victims of Nepal tremor. It is very pain to hear thousands of live lost, the family would pray the victims and lost lives a peaceful rest.

As a part of paying our prayers, the school has lowered the national flag half and prayed for their lives. Such uncertain havoc has caused a great  concerned in the humanity. Country like Bhutan as like Nepal in terms of geography  has a great concern.
Today, as a chained Buddhist nation, we feel the pain to see the lives lost at this speed. Such catastrophe a life long affect to our friends. We pray the people of Nepal to have greater safety and wish them to not have such incidents in the future. We pray for your safety and good times ahead. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Reading as we go through our tasks in the school.

Primary Reading for the Academic 2015 has started with the classes from II to VI. The objectives of this activity is ensure our children infuse the reading culture as always emphasize. The introduction to Reading for our small kids is aptly the value they will inculcate with their learning in their life.

Today, Bhutan is in great transaction with the reading culture as it is a scaffolding to ensure our children become wise leaders through reading. Reading has impeccable steps to grow the intellectuals of our young learners. Reading Bhutan has initiated by government in dedicating 60th Birth Anniversary to our 4th king is a perfect way to pay for greatness and everyday blessing to his subjects.

Reading as a way to celebrate for His Long Life and peaceful Bhutan will always cherished and valued as great as ones precious time and wealth. Tsenkharla Central School keeps this wishes  and Read as many books as we could. Children are engrossed in reading as their part of life.

Read Bhutan has significantly go well with our children. We attribute this activity to our Great Leaders..... We pray for your happiness.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

 Theme: Technology for brighter world.

The school had science exhibition for this theme. It was coordinated by the group of science teachers.
 Children had come with different ideas. The doctor and the Manager from Kholongchu Project were the guests on the day. The innovative models were selected for the Regional Science exhibition for the same theme.
 Such initiatives are having impact on influencing our children towards the love and drive them to love the value of being live in the world of science. It is a platform where our children will see themselves to engage with science and technology in their life and would bring tremendous change in the society and at large Bhutan.

Sangay's Voice for all: All literary activities dedicates to 60th Birth An...

Sangay's Voice for all: All literary activities dedicates to 60th Birth An...:        Literary Activities Compilation 2015 dediccating to 60 th Birth Anniversay of fourth king. 2015 is a festive year for ev...

 His Majesty's concerns of producing the most talented and intellectual citizens through Education has got into the minds of all Bhutanese.  On 22nd April will always remember, the Dasho Dzongdag's visits to Tshenkharla Central School for awarding the Academic certificates to those children who topped in the academic. His Majesty's great inspiration through his Signature on the certificates has a

enormous impact in achieving the sound Academic  performance. Trashi Yangtse Dzongdag awarded those toppers the certificates on behalf of His Majesty, the king. It has inspired our students to bettered their performance in the Education.


Long Live  His Majesty...... dedicated to 60th Birth Anniversary of the 4th king and all our leaders.

All literary activities dedicates to 60th Birth Anniversary of our fourth King.

       Literary Activities Compilation 2015 dediccating to 60th Birth Anniversay of fourth king.
2015 is a festive year for every Bhutanese who has their privilege and occasion to thank His Majesty, the fourth Gyalpo for his stupendous golden reign and being symbol for every Bhutanese. He is the nation’s greatest human figure. He is our God and a place of prostration and inspiration.  Every Bhutanese is fortunate to have him in this great transformation of the nation. Bhutan is equally competing with the world to share the power of economy and spiritualism. Gross National Happiness, the brainchild of His Majesty has gained worldwide momentum. Every Bhutanese today will not forget His great wisdom, spirit and dynamic leadership to led the nation peacefully during his reign and handed peacefully to His Majesty, the fifth king and the people of Bhutan with all trust and conviction of taking this nation to eternal peace and prosperous nation in the world.
This year, the Literary club of Tshenkharla Central School would like to message  that there will be a sharing of activities of literary to pay tribute to His Majesty, the fourth Druk Gylapo and His Majesty the king, His Holiness the 70th Jekhenpo Trulku Jigme Choedra and Her Majesty, queen mother Azhi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck.  We feel great to have these great figures to bless this nation and people. We pray for their Long Live and peaceful living to safe guard the people to a greater peace and prosperity in the world.