Friday, April 24, 2015

Reading as we go through our tasks in the school.

Primary Reading for the Academic 2015 has started with the classes from II to VI. The objectives of this activity is ensure our children infuse the reading culture as always emphasize. The introduction to Reading for our small kids is aptly the value they will inculcate with their learning in their life.

Today, Bhutan is in great transaction with the reading culture as it is a scaffolding to ensure our children become wise leaders through reading. Reading has impeccable steps to grow the intellectuals of our young learners. Reading Bhutan has initiated by government in dedicating 60th Birth Anniversary to our 4th king is a perfect way to pay for greatness and everyday blessing to his subjects.

Reading as a way to celebrate for His Long Life and peaceful Bhutan will always cherished and valued as great as ones precious time and wealth. Tsenkharla Central School keeps this wishes  and Read as many books as we could. Children are engrossed in reading as their part of life.

Read Bhutan has significantly go well with our children. We attribute this activity to our Great Leaders..... We pray for your happiness.