Sunday, January 25, 2015

Will Bhutan benefit from Obama's visit to India?

Barack Obama in India for the Republic Day celebration, 2015

The bilateral and Economic tries growing faster and moving in the bullet train, the leaders in the world are racing to engage in the resource sharing and balancing the growth of the economy.

With the visit of Obama, the US president,India is in her capacity as largest democratic nation in the world will boost confidence to bring any changes in the legislation on Economy. India has the opportunity to counter any threats from the rival neighbor China. With the nuclear pact sealed, India has the image that will envy the other economic powers in the world.

Bhutan, the younger brother to India is equally in a mood to receive the US president. With India having the power to guide the other nations in the world as a most and fastest growing nation in terms of economy, defense, India will have to share the priorities with Bhutan as a helping brother. India has been Bhutan's pioneering neighbor which it has the ever lasting relationship with our leaders.

Bhutan today moves its pace with the great contribution from India. Now the relationship between India and US is on the extreme, Bhutan hope to gain from Obama's visit. Number of assistance and donors will come to Bhutan's economic growth. Obama might talk about Bhutan while talking about the Region's problems on terrorism, economy and eradication of poverty in the South Asia.

Obama will have greater impact if he knows Bhutan has unique cultural identity. Bhutan's growth on Economy is based on Gross National Happiness which it impressed the Narenda Modi, will Obama has the same expression as the GNH philosophy is gaining its momentum around the Globe.

Obama's visit to India will definitely help Bhutan's image in the world. His stay in India will motivate the Bhutanese and wishes his stay a successful journey of his presidential life.