Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sincere prayers to the victims of Nepal Tremor

The people of Bhutan and particularly, the family of Tshenkharla Central School, Trashi Yangtse would like to send the deep condolences and prayers for the victims of Nepal tremor. It is very pain to hear thousands of live lost, the family would pray the victims and lost lives a peaceful rest.

As a part of paying our prayers, the school has lowered the national flag half and prayed for their lives. Such uncertain havoc has caused a great  concerned in the humanity. Country like Bhutan as like Nepal in terms of geography  has a great concern.
Today, as a chained Buddhist nation, we feel the pain to see the lives lost at this speed. Such catastrophe a life long affect to our friends. We pray the people of Nepal to have greater safety and wish them to not have such incidents in the future. We pray for your safety and good times ahead.