Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Poem dedicating to all the Victims of Nepal Tremor

           A Life like a dream
The flower of love blossomed in the dawn of late winter
The eye catching petals in you attracted the forlorn bee
I found no gravity for flowerward,but a sugary fragrance;
I became prey on your delicate petal for the sweet nectar

My miniature body was stuck on the sticky nectar:
Take me with you if you are offered on the altar
To pray and be blessed for our unity
Unity of souls for eternity

We, of different births, from garden and hive
Met together, as God has willed,
You may be away for the change of season
Yet I stand sure that you are perennially alive.

Hope your petals are guarded by sepals from a sturdy breeze,
Your soft anther uninterrupted by the brawny brute,
O, Grace, stand firm evergreen amid the relentless drought.
I am right here in the premises of your garden.
Your absence from the garden fills my hive with sorrow
I have no quiet and will not be out of the hive until tomorrow,
Yearning for unity after a long time,
That I would relate and emphasize this as a theme

I have sustained incurable pain with an injured antenna
No remedies whatsoever to fight against the numbed body
Only the air around shares my pain and joins in my loneliness
Expose please yourself in the air to feel my pain

I was not in hallucination when I nestled on you
My vision was blissfully perfect, as I saw you
All these became dreams, nightmare and illusions too
When your presence is not felt anywhere
Your entity was just an ephemeral…