Sunday, January 25, 2015

Will Bhutan benefit from Obama's visit to India?

Barack Obama in India for the Republic Day celebration, 2015

The bilateral and Economic tries growing faster and moving in the bullet train, the leaders in the world are racing to engage in the resource sharing and balancing the growth of the economy.

With the visit of Obama, the US president,India is in her capacity as largest democratic nation in the world will boost confidence to bring any changes in the legislation on Economy. India has the opportunity to counter any threats from the rival neighbor China. With the nuclear pact sealed, India has the image that will envy the other economic powers in the world.

Bhutan, the younger brother to India is equally in a mood to receive the US president. With India having the power to guide the other nations in the world as a most and fastest growing nation in terms of economy, defense, India will have to share the priorities with Bhutan as a helping brother. India has been Bhutan's pioneering neighbor which it has the ever lasting relationship with our leaders.

Bhutan today moves its pace with the great contribution from India. Now the relationship between India and US is on the extreme, Bhutan hope to gain from Obama's visit. Number of assistance and donors will come to Bhutan's economic growth. Obama might talk about Bhutan while talking about the Region's problems on terrorism, economy and eradication of poverty in the South Asia.

Obama will have greater impact if he knows Bhutan has unique cultural identity. Bhutan's growth on Economy is based on Gross National Happiness which it impressed the Narenda Modi, will Obama has the same expression as the GNH philosophy is gaining its momentum around the Globe.

Obama's visit to India will definitely help Bhutan's image in the world. His stay in India will motivate the Bhutanese and wishes his stay a successful journey of his presidential life.

Nostalgia the seed of Literature

The peak of Learning, Sherubtse college, Kanglung
Gone are the days which is hard to imagine how much we had investment in our youthful days. Hardly a few tries to remember the college was a mother of WISDOM.

Sherubtse college is the seed of permanent literature lovers- center. Every enthusiast for their future has their side of the story to tell about their stay in the college.
Here, many future leaders had worked diligently and stole the wise advice and knowledge of their preachers.

Today, we the alumni of this institution feel immense indebtedness for her stake and stake of knowledge and platform provided. Occasionally, we have to remember its longevity and diversity in propelling the true wisdom to all the lucky attendants.

Sherubtse college had provided us everything. We will always keep touch with you.


Daughter as a living motivation.

Her introduction to The world of  Reading.
Strive to murmur the words of her status
Come what may in front of her direction
Tiny inch of  fingers steals the warmth of brother's toys
Her cry is yearn for love and compassion
              Never say she is not growing mature
              She knows how to possess her belongings
              The world around her is written in nature
               Peace is how the environment paints her
Love is what she wants
Indulging with her is about her portion of living
Where is the life if she is not care in all occasions
May the God bless her beautiful growth to all her learning in all life.

Class X paper evauation ends today at Phuntsholing

Rinchending, cst Phuntsholing is the winter residence for many teachers. Teachers and civil servants love to romanticize this most weather friendly venue. Most appropriately it has given the teachers to rejoice with their old friends while they are for the evaluation.

Today hundreds of teachers are satisfied to successfully completed their evaluation- teachers by profession and most learned and understanding human components are happy  at least fruitfully wheeled their time in the right direction.

However, many argued that their untimely arrangement of the DSA is so irrelevant for the best stand for their work. It is one ray of sun which it destroys the whole structure of the building. They felt the instant payment will motivate and inspires to join the same camp in the future operation of the thousands of papers.

Nevertheless few urges it is a good initiative to deposit their hard earned amount so they feel to use it judiciously in the days to come.

A good stay at the venue and hope to see all again in the future.

Painful to lost my 14 year Nephew in car accident.

Human life is unkind if it takes suddenly the young and growing bud of the human life. It is a painful  day as i breath to imagine him enjoying in the dust and folk of friends around him. The young man with all agility in his child hood days in progress  for the adulthood.

It is shocking to hear he has stop his last breath, today at 5pm. Hard to believe him on the death room at Deothang, hospital. Doctor confirms his condition and declared  dead. Is it real story the people tell me, I am at confusion and yet to confirm. A few hours from the tragic news, my niece confirms he is death, heard her sob in the phone. Is human life as said by many saints " uncertain at any point of time and space, all forms and conditions are inevitable to perishable. May the wisdom of great prevails and bless the departed soul to rest in the peace.

His body will perish. His parents, siblings, relatives will remain in the helm of hope to come back. I pray for  you to rest  in the celestial existence. May you rest in the eternal peace.  

My Family

My six months daughter and My friend Salim Lepcha's son. They are born on the same day 28th September and October, 2012.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Evaluation Camp 2015, CST/ Phuntsholing.

Yes the munching on the sagacity of the class X papers almost to the end. The saga of every lips of the teachers going for the evaluation in the school is something a reward they felt. The warm and friendly weather setting at Phuntsholing is what many teachers motivated. The highest authority of the examination in Bhutan, BCSEA is the teachers' most paid organization for the hungry and ever ready teachers deprived of any tours or workshops for the long academic year which they nurture and polish the lives of thousands of students who will finally serve the great and impeccable TSA_WA_ SUM for the cause- evaluation the papers has congress.

The mild sun shine and quite dusty and noisy of vehicles plying the highway to Thimphu is where Rinchending, the college of Science and Technology is located. Teachers certainly express with their energy arrived on 13/1/2015 for the evaluation. Teachers registered their names.

The next day 14/1/2015, teachers were briefed on dos and dons of the evaluation of the papers anad
introduced their head markers.

15/1/2015 was then the bullet train for the evaluators. There was no look back, the teachers on their designated rooms with head markers precisely and quietly with their pens lock their heads on the papers of 11800 students who appeared X examination 2014.

It is never to say, evaluation for days without break is a machine Evaluators but they are human evaluators. The DSA earned at this juncture is a hard earned money. It is a paramount which any work cannot match.
It is a brain wrecking and teasing work which every one has lots to narrate.

Today almost 12 days to end, many newly found friends and reunion of friends young and old will depart. The short stay will have positive impact to many when they find their DSA is received yet will the work that they had carried for these many days will aspire for the next camp or will they full stop to visit the beautiful CST, Phuntsholing.

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Writereducation: Writereducation: About Me

Writereducation: Writereducation: About Me:

Writereducation: About Me : I am.... Sangay Tenzin, teacher by profession. Studied at Sherubtse College Kanglung. Would fanatically attached to write about my school and the nation on Her progress and living under the umbrella of GNH principles and cultural identity.

This blog will ignite the educational changes that takes place in 2015. The Year adopted as reading year has immense impact on the lives of young and veracious readers across the nation.

Hope many will do follow this blog to rekindle your feelings on the said above.

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