Sunday, January 25, 2015

Painful to lost my 14 year Nephew in car accident.

Human life is unkind if it takes suddenly the young and growing bud of the human life. It is a painful  day as i breath to imagine him enjoying in the dust and folk of friends around him. The young man with all agility in his child hood days in progress  for the adulthood.

It is shocking to hear he has stop his last breath, today at 5pm. Hard to believe him on the death room at Deothang, hospital. Doctor confirms his condition and declared  dead. Is it real story the people tell me, I am at confusion and yet to confirm. A few hours from the tragic news, my niece confirms he is death, heard her sob in the phone. Is human life as said by many saints " uncertain at any point of time and space, all forms and conditions are inevitable to perishable. May the wisdom of great prevails and bless the departed soul to rest in the peace.

His body will perish. His parents, siblings, relatives will remain in the helm of hope to come back. I pray for  you to rest  in the celestial existence. May you rest in the eternal peace.