Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hard to imagine the lives lost in Nepal Tremor at this speed.

  We would like to salute the countries like India and Bhutan are lending their help to their brother country Nepal in the times of great grief and eventualities of catastrophe.  As a neighbor with similar culture and belief, it is heartening to see our brothers and sisters are losing their lives in such a speed.

It is a way of Bhutanese life that lends help and prays for the lost lives. His Majesty's gesture of praying and sending the Bhutan Government's relief fund is a great leadership and  compassionate leader, he is. On behalf of Bhutan government, the honorable Prime Minister visiting the grief counter part at this juncture shows how deeply, the two nation's connection and historical love that has preserved. We love our leaders for having shown their great efforts during the pain.

As a individual of loving to share the pain, i on behalf of Bhutanese will pen down every day, our wishes of love and condolences to all our friends and particularly those families who are devastated with this havoc.

We wish you all the happy life from here....