Saturday, January 24, 2015

Evaluation Camp 2015, CST/ Phuntsholing.

Yes the munching on the sagacity of the class X papers almost to the end. The saga of every lips of the teachers going for the evaluation in the school is something a reward they felt. The warm and friendly weather setting at Phuntsholing is what many teachers motivated. The highest authority of the examination in Bhutan, BCSEA is the teachers' most paid organization for the hungry and ever ready teachers deprived of any tours or workshops for the long academic year which they nurture and polish the lives of thousands of students who will finally serve the great and impeccable TSA_WA_ SUM for the cause- evaluation the papers has congress.

The mild sun shine and quite dusty and noisy of vehicles plying the highway to Thimphu is where Rinchending, the college of Science and Technology is located. Teachers certainly express with their energy arrived on 13/1/2015 for the evaluation. Teachers registered their names.

The next day 14/1/2015, teachers were briefed on dos and dons of the evaluation of the papers anad
introduced their head markers.

15/1/2015 was then the bullet train for the evaluators. There was no look back, the teachers on their designated rooms with head markers precisely and quietly with their pens lock their heads on the papers of 11800 students who appeared X examination 2014.

It is never to say, evaluation for days without break is a machine Evaluators but they are human evaluators. The DSA earned at this juncture is a hard earned money. It is a paramount which any work cannot match.
It is a brain wrecking and teasing work which every one has lots to narrate.

Today almost 12 days to end, many newly found friends and reunion of friends young and old will depart. The short stay will have positive impact to many when they find their DSA is received yet will the work that they had carried for these many days will aspire for the next camp or will they full stop to visit the beautiful CST, Phuntsholing.

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