Sunday, January 25, 2015

Nostalgia the seed of Literature

The peak of Learning, Sherubtse college, Kanglung
Gone are the days which is hard to imagine how much we had investment in our youthful days. Hardly a few tries to remember the college was a mother of WISDOM.

Sherubtse college is the seed of permanent literature lovers- center. Every enthusiast for their future has their side of the story to tell about their stay in the college.
Here, many future leaders had worked diligently and stole the wise advice and knowledge of their preachers.

Today, we the alumni of this institution feel immense indebtedness for her stake and stake of knowledge and platform provided. Occasionally, we have to remember its longevity and diversity in propelling the true wisdom to all the lucky attendants.

Sherubtse college had provided us everything. We will always keep touch with you.