Sunday, January 25, 2015

Class X paper evauation ends today at Phuntsholing

Rinchending, cst Phuntsholing is the winter residence for many teachers. Teachers and civil servants love to romanticize this most weather friendly venue. Most appropriately it has given the teachers to rejoice with their old friends while they are for the evaluation.

Today hundreds of teachers are satisfied to successfully completed their evaluation- teachers by profession and most learned and understanding human components are happy  at least fruitfully wheeled their time in the right direction.

However, many argued that their untimely arrangement of the DSA is so irrelevant for the best stand for their work. It is one ray of sun which it destroys the whole structure of the building. They felt the instant payment will motivate and inspires to join the same camp in the future operation of the thousands of papers.

Nevertheless few urges it is a good initiative to deposit their hard earned amount so they feel to use it judiciously in the days to come.

A good stay at the venue and hope to see all again in the future.